Autism's Now a Worldwide Epidemic!

With this in mind I recommend  Rachel Evans' Essential Guide to Autism...

The book has one simple goal - To make life better for all those whose lives have been touched by Autism.It.. :

Debunks myths about autism while providing the true history of the disorder

Looks into the causes of autism and explains why people with ASDs act the way they do

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Informs parents on what to expect when raising an autistic child and what vital steps should be taken after a diagnosis of autism

Provides vital information on treatments, therapies, and interventions

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Understands what it's like to be a parent of an autistic child and offers 'real world' coping tips

Reveals what family life can be like for siblings

Explains what the educational prospects are for a child with autism

Reveals how an an individual with autism can fit into the community and what the future may hold for that child

Rachel Evans' Essential Guide to Autism is worth a closer look - Click Here!

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